5 eco-friendly camping food hacks

That Will Save a Ton of Space in Your Backpack Too...

1. Bamboo Sporks

How ingenious are these earth-friendly bamboo sporks? They make so much sense for camping! We love to camp to feel at one with Mother Nature and it never feels good to bring plastic into her environment. These are the ultimate camping hack for the eco-conscious foodie. Available on Amazon Prime too! Now we’re talking….

2. Bacon and Eggs in a Bag

Why lug around a heavy cast iron pan when you can cook bacon and eggs in a paper bag? Simply line the bottom of the bag with the bacon and then crack an egg on top. Hover the bag 10 inches from the fire and the heat will cook the bacon and the bacon will cook the eggs! Genius right? Best of all, there’s no scrubbing or cleaning up afterwards.  All you’re left with is an empty brown paper bag – and you could even eat that if you wanted to!

3. Portable Pour-Over Coffee

Finally…. a campfire coffee that’s NOT instant coffee! It’s actually delicious pour over coffee and you don’t even need bulky and expensive equipment to brew it. One Fresh Cup are ready packed filters of premium coffee grounds. All you need to brew is to tear open a filter, hang it on your coffee cup and pour over hot water. Each filter weighs just 15 grams so you can stash as many as you want in your bag without weighing it down. These beauties come in 7 delicious blends and there’s even free shipping when you order from our website.

4. Banana Boats

The kids and the grown-up kids will be in for a treat with these chocolate, caramel, marshmallow and anything-you-want-banana boats! Simply split a banana lengthwise and pack in your choice of fillings, wrap the banana in foil and grill over the campfire. Hey presto – super delicious gooey boats of chocolate banana-ness! These wonderful self-contained desserts come with the most eco-friendly packaging in the world and are best eaten with your bamboo sporks, of course.

5. Tic Tac Herb Containers

Up-cycle your old Tic Tac containers and use them to store herbs and spices for your campfire culinary creations. You can re-fill and use them over and over again, and they’re so small and light, you can pack in as many as your recipes require. No excuse for bland campfire dinners with this genius camping hack. Remember to label them, too, so there’s no nasty surprises!

The Simple Way to Brew

Sometimes, the art of coffee brewing is like taking a stroll through a sun-lit forest, and other times, it’s like competing in the Kentucky Derby. There are also many times that we actually really want both quality and convenience at the same time, whether we’re at home or on the road.

For those moments, One Fresh Cup is a great solution. The quality of a pour over. The ease of a drip machine. The single-serve convenience of Keurig. Yet there are no machines, no pods, no pots and literally nothing to clean up. This sounds very much like a brewing revolution! And as One Fresh Cup is new to the American market, you can be one of the first to try it.

Intrigued? Find out more below...

A Simpler Way to Brew Coffee

Pour Over Perfection

One of the oldest and most preferred brewing methods to produce a consistently great cup of coffee.

No measuring

Each single-serve filter is pre-packed with the exact amount of grounds for the perfect cup.

No machines

Just as simple to use but your coffee will never be exposed to bacteria or mold.

No mess and simple cleanup

Nothing to clean, just toss the used filter in the trash and you're on your way!

3 Steps to Brew



Remove filter from package and tear along perforation.



Gently pull hangers away from filter and set on coffee mug.



Slowly pour hot water into filter in small intervals.

Try 7 Premium Blends

One Fresh Cup offers 5 premium blends. Sourced from the world’s most famous coffee regions, each blend is meticulously roasted and exceptionally fresh, for a great tasting brew.