6 Mistakes You're Probably Making When Brewing Coffee

Why is it that coffee made at a coffee shop often tastes significantly better than coffee made at home? As it turns out, the differences between a mediocre cup of coffee and a great one can be the result of just a few changes. Here we've identified the six most common pitfalls when making a cup of coffee at home.

1. You're not using the right amount of grounds

Mornings aren’t easy, but eyeballing the amount of coffee grounds you use is not a great idea. Using too much or too little grounds actually has quite a significant effect on the result of your coffee. Experts generally agree on a 1 to 16 ratio of coffee to water - known as the Golden Ratio. That’s roughly 2 tablespoons per 6 ounces of water or about 15 grams per cup. The correct ratio ensures a smoother brew with the perfect depth of flavor.

2. Your coffee grounds are old

As soon as coffee beans are ground, they become significantly more exposed to the oxygen in the air and begin the process of oxidizing extremely fast. If the grounds aren’t stored properly and quickly after grinding, they will go stale and lose their aroma and flavor resulting in a dull, lackluster coffee.

3. You aren’t grinding your beans properly

If you haven’t invested in a decent coffee grinder, chances are, your beans aren’t being ground uniformly which is necessary to get a smooth brew. Also, it’s important to grind your beans to according to your brewing method. For example, the pour over method requires a medium-fine grind and the French Press requires a coarse grind. The grind size affects contact time, extraction rate and flow rate which all contributes to the end result of your coffee.

4. You’re using an inferior brewing method

To save time in the mornings, chances are you’re using an auto-drip or single-serve coffee machine. While they may be convenient to use, they actually don’t get the brewing process exactly right. Incorrect water temperature and using stale oxidized grounds play a big part in the mediocre results of these brewing methods.

5. Your water isnt the right temperature

Boiling water is 212˚F and is way too hot to brew coffee and will burn the grounds. Water that is not hot enough, (which is often the case with auto-drip and single-serve machines) will result in a weak and even sour brew. The correct water temperature is between 195 to 205˚F to extract the best flavor from your grounds.

6. Your coffee maker is dirty

With most popular coffee machines, the water receptacles and hoses are not able to be detached which means you can’t clean them, and over months and years, these parts collect a shocking amount of bacteria and mold that you can’t see. Needless to say, the collection of grime, bacteria, mold and old coffee oils add unwanted residue and undesirable tastes to your coffee.

Simplify Coffee with a New Way to Brew

One Fresh Cup is a revolutionary way to brew that uses ready-packed single-serve filters. You can consistently brew a great cup without having to worry about any of the mistakes mentioned above! Let’s see why:

  • Coffee grounds are measured for you. Each single-serve filter is pre-packed with the exact amount of grounds for the perfect cup.

  • Packed filters are nitrogen flushed and sealed within hours of grinding to preserve freshness.

  • Coffee beans are professionally ground to perfection in small batches.

  • The traditional pour over is one of the oldest brewing methods and produces a consistently great coffee.

  • There’s no need for machines so your coffee will never be exposed to bacteria or mold.

A Simpler Way to Brew Coffee

Pour Over Perfection

One of the oldest and most preferred brewing methods to produce a consistently great cup of coffee.

No measuring

Each single-serve filter is pre-packed with the exact amount of grounds for the perfect cup.

No machines

Just as simple to use but your coffee will never be exposed to bacteria or mold.

No mess and simple cleanup

Nothing to clean, just toss the used filter in the trash and you're on your way!

3 Steps to Brew



Remove filter from package and tear along perforation.



Gently pull hangers away from filter and set on coffee mug.



Slowly pour hot water into filter in small intervals.

Try 7 Premium Blends

One Fresh Cup offers 5 premium blends. Sourced from the world’s most famous coffee regions, each blend is meticulously roasted and exceptionally fresh, for a great tasting brew.