7 Reasons You'll Love One Fresh Cup

Have you seen this new way to brew pour over coffee but not sure what to expect? Here are 7 reasons why everyone who has tried it, absolutely loves it, and why you will to.


  • 1. You can take them anywhere

    One Fresh Cup packs are so light and compact, you can take literally take them anywhere. Stash a few in your bag to take to the office or school. Going camping or traveling overseas? Packing a supply of One Fresh Cup in your luggage won’t weigh your bags down at all. And you’ll always have hot fresh pour over coffee wherever you go.

  • 2. It is, in fact, impressively good coffee

    When something is so convenient, people often expect quality to be compromised. That’s just not the case with One Fresh Cup. This is quality pour over coffee, made from premium coffee beans sourced from all over the world. The brewing process is the barista-favorite pour over method, which has been around for over 100 years, and produces a quality cup, every time.

  • 3. They did all the hard work for you

    Everyone who loves pour over coffee knows how much work is needed to brew a single cup. From measuring and grinding beans to boiling water to the perfect temperature, brewing a pour over is a labor of love. And let’s not forget all the clean-up needs to be done afterwards. One Fresh Cup has taken all the hard work out of brewing a pour over coffee. Their single serve filters are already pre-packed with the perfect amount of fresh coffee grounds. All you need to do is place the open filter onto your coffee mug and pour over hot water.

Ready to get Fresh with our Coffee?

  • 4. Free shipping

    Who doesn’t love free shipping? No matter how little or how much you order, One Fresh Cup will ship for free (within the 48 contiguous United States).

  • 5. There’s a blend to suit everyone

    Most first time customers order the One Fresh Cup Variety Pack that features 5 different blends. From the dark and robust French Roast to the lighter Brazilian Roast, new customers can try all the blends before deciding which one suits them best. Then you can order a 10-pack or a family size 36-pack of your favorite blend.

  • 6. Super responsive and friendly customer service

    When you’re trying something new, it’s always reassuring to know that the company you’re buying from has exceptional customer service. One Fresh Cup’s dedicated team is always on the case. If you have questions about your shipment, brewing technique, or anything else coffee or tea, you can reach out to them through email or Facebook and they’ll get back to you in a flash.

  • 7. The numbers speak for themselves

    What’s even more reassuring about One Fresh Cup is that they’ve sold over 200 million packs worldwide since 2005. The numbers speak for themselves. Great quality coffee in a convenient and portable delivery system... people just love One Fresh Cup and you will too.

Simplify Coffee with a New Way to Brew

One Fresh Cup is a revolutionary way to brew that uses ready-packed single-serve filters. You can consistently brew a great cup without any guesswork! Let’s see why:

  • Coffee grounds are measured for you. Each single-serve filter is pre-packed with the exact amount of grounds for the perfect cup.

  • Packed filters are nitrogen flushed and sealed within hours of grinding to preserve freshness.

  • Coffee beans are professionally ground to perfection in small batches.

  • The traditional pour over is one of the oldest brewing methods and produces a consistently great coffee.

  • There’s no need for machines so your coffee will never be exposed to bacteria or mold.

A Simpler Way to Brew Coffee

Pour Over Perfection

One of the oldest and most preferred brewing methods to produce a consistently great cup of coffee.

No measuring

Each single-serve filter is pre-packed with the exact amount of grounds for the perfect cup.

No machines

Just as simple to use but your coffee will never be exposed to bacteria or mold.

No mess and simple cleanup

Nothing to clean, just toss the used filter in the trash and you're on your way!

3 Steps to Brew



Remove filter from package and tear along perforation.



Gently pull hangers away from filter and set on coffee mug.



Slowly pour hot water into filter in small intervals.