7 Ski Trip Hacks to Save Money

Skiing and snowboarding is never cheap but with a few savvy tips you can get through your next trip without breaking the bank.

  1. Embrace all-inclusive packages

    Don’t be scared by the rates of all-inclusive packages. If you take the time to do the math, you’ll find that purchasing separate flights, transfers, accommodation, food, drinks, lift passes, equipment hire, ski school (and so on) works out to be a lot more than a package. Take advantage of it!

  2. Book at the last minute

    If you’re traveling on your own or as a couple, hunting down last minute deals is entirely possible and worthwhile. Resorts and tour operators often have incredible deals at the last minute in an attempt to fill their empty rooms instead of leaving them unoccupied. A website like Last Minute Ski Vacations has dozens of great deals.

  3. Rent gear in advance

    You can often find up to 20% discount at rental shops if you reserve your gear online before arriving at the mountain. And what’s even better, with free delivery and slopeside assistance, you’ll get to skip the lines and pesky paperwork when you get there! A great company like Black Tie Skis offers all that and more.

  4. Pack your own lunch

    Nothing wrong with a packed lunch! Lunches on the mountain are exorbitantly expensive (and often not that great). Swing into a supermarket and pick up stuff to make sandwiches or wraps that can be kept in your locker or even in your jacket pocket. Save the expensive meals for a nice dinner.

  5. Bring your own coffee

    And we’re not talking instant coffee! Bring your own mobile pour over coffee that you can brew in your room or even on the mountain. One Fresh Cup are ready packed single serve filters. They’re so light and compact you can stash a few in your pocket for the day. When it’s time for a coffee break, just grab a cup and some hot water from the cafeteria -  and hey presto - you’ve got hot fresh coffee at a fraction of the price.

  6. Never get lift passes at the window. Ever.

    There’s always a discount to be found when it comes to lift passes. Either purchase early online at the game-changing website Liftopia, find discounts at local ski stores, check for AAA, military and other membership deals, and look out for Kids Ski Free programs and more.

  7. Plan for a mid-week vacay

    If you’re lucky enough to be able to take a mid-week vacay, ski during the week! Everything is more expensive on the weekends, especially lodging. Weekday skiing is not only more affordable but the slopes will be less crowded too.

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