The 5 Best Ways To Brew Coffee

And one of them, you’ve probably never seen before!

When the Rolling Stones sang “You can’t always get what you want”, they were talking about coffee, right? It seems finding a brewing method that delivers both quality and convenience, is impossible. But is it? We’ve outlined the pros and cons of five popular ways to brew at home, and you’ll be surprised with one of them you may not have even seen before!

To determine the best way to brew for you, let’s start with your priorities when it comes to coffee. Is it quality? Convenience? Perhaps both? Do you have a morning ritual of grinding beans and then watching them “bloom” in perfectly boiled water? Or do you just need a quick fix? Slap down the coffee cup, press a button and run out the door?

For most busy Americans, the method that gives us the best coffee really comes down to time. How much time are we willing to spend each morning to get the coffee that we really want? In fact, the method we choose has more importance than you think, because when it comes to your morning routine, experts believe that a thoughtful and consistent routine sets the tone for the entire day. And if you get that right, you’re not only paving the way to a more productive day, but a more successful life.

However, with so many different ways to brew a cup of mornin’ joe, how do you know which one works best for you? Let’s find out now.

Automatic Drip Coffee Machine


By far the most commonly used method in American homes and it's easy to see why. Convenient, efficient, and yes, even automatic. Many of them are fitted with timers, so you can fill the filter with grounds and the receptacle with water the night before, set the timer and voila! A whole pot of hot coffee is ready for you when you wake up.

There’s really no denying the popularity of drip coffee machines. They’re in homes, restaurants, coffee shops, hotels…. everywhere. And why not? They’re engineered for maximum convenience. If you want to see just how popular the drip coffee machine is, check out the 50 Best Coffee Machines by Good Housekeeping. Mind boggling.


So yes, convenience is key. But what about quality? There are two fairly large faults at play that prevent the drip method from producing a satisfying cup of coffee. Firstly, the lack of contact (time and surface) between the water and the grounds, and secondly, the paper filters that filter the grounds also happen to take with them the flavorful oils that actually give your coffee taste.

What’s even more frustrating, is that oftentimes you don’t need to brew a whole pot of coffee. What if you’re home alone or late to the office and missed out on the pot?  When you only need to brew a single cup, drip coffee machines aren’t a great solution. Many people also overlook the cleanliness of the drip. If not cleaned properly and regularly, their water receptacles are a haven for mold and mildew. Not exactly the preferred condiments for your morning cuppa!

Keurig “K-Cup” Coffee Machines


Perhaps the most loved benefit of the seemingly unstoppable K-cup, that has won the hearts of over 20 million American households, is this: Push. A. Button. Yes, convenience is king in this fast paced world that we live in. From Starbucks to Caribou to Peets, all brands of K-cups line the aisles of every store in the country. They’re also pre-packed and single-serve, which takes all the thinking out of coffee making, and when you’re bleary eyed and late for work, the convenience of K-cups is a Godsend.


As convenient as K-cups may be, unfortunately when it comes to taste, the popular vote seems to be unanimous; flat coffee-flavored water. But for most Americans, the convenience of the one button press is unsurpassable, and even if it means turning a blind eye to that (plastic) elephant in the room; those pods that never decompose. It’s been estimated, the number of K-Cups sold in a single year can circle the earth 10 times. Let that just sink in for a while. Last year, Keurig introduced their new recyclable pods. Recyclable but not compostable, which means the company still introduces billions of plastic pieces to the earth every year.

Keurig machines weren’t exactly designed for portability either. If you’re not lucky enough to have a Keurig at the office, at the lake house, or on the mountain you’ve just hiked, you’ll need an alternative.

French Press


For those who love to be in control, the European French Press has become increasingly popular in the United States. Not only is it an easy immersion based method, its greatest attribute is that you have total control of steeping time, grounds and water temperature, and thereby the quality of coffee that ends up in your cup.

The French Press gives you the flexibility to brew just one cup or up to eight, and its filter-less technique has experts praising its health benefits. In fact, a Scandinavian study found that those who drank pressed coffee had a lower risk of developing cancer.

When it comes to flavor, the noble French Press does not disappoint either. The coarse grounds used not only release a whole host of antioxidants and nutrients into your cup, but also the most flavor, compared to K-cups and drip machines.


The art of the French Press requires patience. You need to allow several minutes for the water to extract the rich coffee flavors and oils from the beans, so if you’re in need of a quick cup, the French Press may not be right for you.  The purest way to brew with the French Press also requires a special coarse grind which can be difficult to find in stores. You may have to grind your own beans, and if you settle for pre-ground options that are often too fine, you can end up with a gluggy brew and grinds in your cup.

Once the brewing process is complete, you’ll face some inevitable cleanup as well. Only the truly conscientious will resist throwing those grounds down the kitchen sink disposal. It's an expensive practice that will eventually come back to haunt you. (If you’ve recently had to call out a plumber to unblock a drain, you’ll understand!) Instead, scatter the grounds in the garden outside, they make for an excellent fertilizer for your plants.

The French Press also has its limitations in terms of health benefits. While there are many perks to drinking coffee in general, some experts say that consuming too much unfiltered coffee from a French Press can have a negative impact on your LDL or “bad cholesterol”.

Pour Over


Methodical, artisanal and a true gentleman’s craft, the pour over produces a quality cup every time. Why? Because the beans are freshly ground right before brewing and the water is boiled to exactly 200˚ F. It may be a labor of love, but the pour over is certainly enjoying its day in the craft coffee sun.

Coffee lovers, from coast to coast, have no problem waiting for the perfect brew as their mustachioed baristas pour with precision and chat idly about the organic Arabica beans they’ve just ground. It’s a caffeinated right of passage, and in recent years, pour overs have even been making their way into American homes.

What’s even more noteworthy, is that much of the pour over technique used at home today, actually originated in Japan (yes you read that right). A culture that basks in mastery and attention to detail, that shouldn’t be too much of a surprise.


While we can all agree that the precision of pour overs produces a consistent quality cup, very few of us have the time to indulge in its decadent brewing process. And even more significant, the elaborate pour over comes with a considerable amount of clean up.

Incorporating a great brew into our morning routine is no doubt important, but there’s also the news to read, the dog to walk, and of course that twenty-minute Pilates workout. The pour over’s just not for the time sensitive. Nor is it for travelers, campers and outdoor lovers, for that matter. Imagine packing all that pour over equipment into your Lululemon Weekender? Not likely. One of life’s challenges has always been to equate quality and convenience, and when it comes to coffee, that’s no exception.

One Fresh Cup


One Fresh What?! Yes, this is totally new to the American market and has everything we love about pour over coffees without the need to grind your own beans and use expensive equipment. These little gems are ready packed filters of premium coffee grounds that hang on top of your cup. Once the filter is secured to your cup, you simply pour over hot water and then throw the filter away when you’re done. There’s literally nothing to clean up, and no need for machines or plastic pods.

One Fresh Cup takes coffee making back to basics. And when our lives are literally inundated with gadgets and technology, there’s something very therapeutic about returning to a simple and manual way to brew. And the best part is, think about all the places you can take this portable brew!


For those who have the luxury of time in the mornings, and can’t live without their high end grinder and gooseneck kettle, then One Fresh Cup’s simplicity may not fit the bill. Similarly, for dinner parties and brunches, where you may need to make a large pot of coffee for your guests, these single-serve filters may not be right for the job.

Otherwise, for anyone who’s ever wanted to brew a single premium coffee (that tastes a whole lot better than Keurig and doesn’t need a machine or pods), One Fresh Cup is a solid option.

The Simple Way to Brew

As our days have become increasingly busy, and everything seems to get more and more complicated, wouldn’t it be nice to simplify life just a little bit? Even if it was just one thing… Like coffee, for example.

“Simplifying life” was our motivation behind creating One Fresh Cup. Our mission was to distill the traditionally complicated pour over brewing method to something that can be done quickly and easily. Our filters are single serve and pre-packed so all you really need to do is pour over hot water. One Fresh Cup is perfect for the times you’re at home alone, at the office or out camping with no coffee machine, or when you just don’t feel like going to the coffee shop. It’s the quality of a pour over, the ease of a drip machine and the convenience of Keurig. Yet there are no machines, no pods, no pots and literally nothing to clean up. This sounds very much like a brewing revolution!

Having sold over 200 million packs in Asia and Europe since 2005, we are so excited to share One Fresh Cup with you in North America. Check out our store where you can choose from 7 coffee blends and 2 teas, and there are even more exciting products on the way. There’s also free shipping to the 48 contiguous United States, so why not try One Fresh Cup today!

3 Steps to Brew



Remove filter from package and tear along perforation.



Gently pull hangers away from filter and set on coffee mug.



Slowly pour hot water into filter in small intervals.

Try 7 Premium Blends

One Fresh Cup offers 5 premium blends. Sourced from the world’s most famous coffee regions, each blend is meticulously roasted and exceptionally fresh, for a great tasting brew.