What's Lurking in Your Hotel Coffee Maker?

Whether you travel for work or pleasure, hotel stays are part of life. But you might want to think twice about using that hotel room coffee machine...

One of the life’s little luxuries is staying in a hotel and having hot coffee in your room, brewed as soon as you wake up. Most hotels provide either a Keurig or a Nespresso machine, but many people don’t know that these machines need regular cleaning with vinegar or a special de-scaling solution to keep them free of bacteria, germs, mold and even yeast. Gross! Machines, not even a year old, can already be heavily contaminated. Unless hotels are properly sterilizing their machines every 2-3 months, simply running hot water through them will not kill bacteria as the water is not hot enough.

Even worse, what’s known widely to law enforcement but not to us mere civilians, using coffee machines in lower cost hotel and motel rooms can be straight up dangerous for our health. The disturbing fact is that coffee pots in those rooms are known to be used to cook methamphetamines and the chemical residue left in those pots are clearly unsafe for us and our families... Scary isn’t it?

So what’s a sleepy traveler to do? Instant coffee? No thanks. Bring your own brewing equipment? Possible but not convenient. Drink tea? Well yes, but we know you want coffee…

There is, in fact, a way to brew your own premium coffee while you’re on the road quickly and easily. It’s called One Fresh Cup and its super convenient and portable. Each light and compact packet contains a single-serve filter that is already pre-packed with premium coffee grounds. To brew, all you need to do is place the filter onto a cup and pour over hot water. A premium pour-over coffee while you’re on the road? Pretty neat, huh! To find out more about how these little gems work, check out our website here.

Bring portable, sanitary coffee wherever you travel

One Fresh Cup is a revolutionary way to brew that uses ready-packed single-serve filters. You can consistently brew a great cup without the worry of what else is in your coffee! Let’s see why:

  • Coffee grounds are measured for you. Each single-serve filter is pre-packed with the exact amount of grounds for the perfect cup.

  • Packed filters are nitrogen flushed and sealed within hours of grinding to preserve freshness.

  • Coffee beans are professionally ground to perfection in small batches.

  • The traditional pour over is one of the oldest brewing methods and produces a consistently great coffee.

  • There’s no need for machines so your coffee will never be exposed to bacteria or mold.

A Simpler Way to Brew Coffee

Pour Over Perfection

One of the oldest and most preferred brewing methods to produce a consistently great cup of coffee.

No measuring

Each single-serve filter is pre-packed with the exact amount of grounds for the perfect cup.

No machines

Just as simple to use but your coffee will never be exposed to bacteria or mold.

No mess and simple cleanup

Nothing to clean, just toss the used filter in the trash and you're on your way!

3 Steps to Brew



Remove filter from package and tear along perforation.



Gently pull hangers away from filter and set on coffee mug.



Slowly pour hot water into filter in small intervals.

Try Our 7 Premium Blends

One Fresh Cup offers 5 premium blends. Sourced from the world’s most famous coffee regions, each blend is meticulously roasted and exceptionally fresh, for a great tasting brew.


Variety Coffee

Try all 5 of our Signature Series